Tyler Winklevoss – A Famous American Bitcoin Entrepreneur

Tyler Winklevoss is one of the most popular entrepreneurs of America who introduced the system of digital currency. According to him, the bitcoin system is highly useful for the merchants who are involved in any online transaction. This system would bring a difference to their sale and offer several opportunities to the customers thereby increasing their satisfaction. According to him, a Bitcoin system is far better, as well as superior, from other payment gateways like credit cards, debit cards and internet banking. There are zero transaction charges, and the customers can easily send and receive coins in a hassle free way. So investing in the Bitcoin market can be a stepping stone to success for the people who wish to trade.

Tyler Winklevoss

Tyler Winklevoss was born on 21st August, 1981 and completed his studies at University of Oxford. He was the creator of ConnectU, which is a networking website through which you could connect to the people. His idea was later on used by Mark Zuckerberg, who introduced Facebook. Tyler and his brother Cameron sued him for stealing their idea and Mark had to pay an amount of $65 million.

Bitcoin Trust 

Winklevoss is a very creative person who has a lot of interest in trading and tries different platforms for it. He and his brother together are now working for Bitcoin Trust. The process is still going on, and there are chances that soon they will be beginning the project. According to them, BTC is very successful in today’s time as no other payment gateway has an exchange feature which makes it the first choice of the people. The numerous advantages associated with this system have forced them to come up with their ETF. As per their calculated, the total estimated value is around $400 billion. Tyler understands the diffivult process of owning the Bitcoins, therefore, he has taken the initiative to make this process simpler for the investors. Rather than facing the difficulties, an effort is being made to offer a hassle free way of having the Bitcoins and trading in it without any problem. Bitcoin Trust is somewhat similar to ETF having the same features thereby providing a platform for the investors to trade in a smart way.

Now Tyler Winklevoss and his brother are working towards this venture and take the Bitcoin companies to the next level. It will surely be the next big change in the coming year with the investors benefiting from it. 

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