Free bitcoins are easy to obtain these days because so many websites are being built around the growth of cryptocurrency. The amounts earned vary in sizes from a few pennies to up to $200 or more. With the right plan, obtaining them for free can become very lucrative. 


Because bitcoins have a cap of 21 billion that will ever be made. This amount is predicted to be reached by the year 2040. As of today this amounts to 13.7 Trillion dollars (imagine how much it will be worth in 2040). Needless to say, there is plenty of this digital currency to go around & it is just getting started. Many of them can be accumulated for free with very little work! 

Earn free bitcoins from visiting websites. For most of them, it’s just a matter of entering your bitcoin wallet ID into the website and browsing different websites for a set period of time ranging from a few seconds to 5 minutes. Usually these websites do not hand out the money earned right away. Instead, you have to build up a certain amount before they are sent over to your account. The set amount can usually be obtained in a day or two, but the average days for being paid vary depending on the website.

Many people choose to receive digital currency in this way because of the currencies volatility. The price goes up and down so fast that aquiring them for free can really offset the fear of its instability. I say unstable in regards to the bitcoin price index in relation to a nations currency like the dollar.

How Free Bitcoins Become Lucrative

Many people are acquiring bitcoins for free from sites without even having to log-in through the use of compound leverage payments by referring others to the site. Another unique aspect for these free sites is being able to compound your own address with another bitcoin addresses in your possesion giving you even more income.

Then you can take that earned income and invest in trading or cloud mining.

Since it is free, it will take a while to generate enough income to call it a new career. But it can be done with the right amount of effort.  

Who doesn’t like free right? Well… The only downside for free bitcoins are the payments are pretty small. Without putting in the time and effort into referring other members, then your earning pretty much between $.05 and $.15 per payment.

Where Does The Money Come From?

Free bitcoin websites are able to supply their members because they are sharing advertising revenue with you. Each time you visit the site, a bunch of ads will be surrounding the site in which they receive payments with each visitor that visits and clicks on these adverisements. 

What does the future hold

Having a cap of 21 Billion speaks volumes for its longevity. The respect that digital currency is garnering across the globe is amazing. Many companies like, WordPress, Apple, Expedia, and more are all on board for receiving and accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for their products and services. With many other respectable companies coming onboard, the possibilities for the future are amazing.  It can be used to pay:

  • bills
  • rent
  • buy new clothes
  • houses
  • boats
  • electronics 
  • and many other purchases 

With the volatility of digital currency being so vast, people may be scared to jump in and ride the bitcoin wave of the future. With free bitcoins there is absolutely no risk involved because you obtain them for free. With so many sites offering them for free these days, with the right plan you can really start earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars just from these free sites… especially if you include cloud mining into the plan. 

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