Considered as an online payment system, it is one of the most important platforms that help to carry out financial transactions in a seamless manner. Based on the peer to peer technology, the system runs smoothly without the help of a server machine. If you want to run the application, it is important to download BitcoinHowever, one should also specify the type of operating system platform that would support the software. You can select from Windows 32 bit and 64bit, LINUX, UBUNTU or Windows (.Zip) version.

Synchronization after you download bitcoin core

According to experts, synchronization of the Bitcoin core takes a very long time; therefore the users need to possess sufficient bandwidth for adequate data transfer which can increase to a maximum of about 20GB.  People familiar with torrent file can enhance the speed by using a batch file called Boostrap.dat that executes as soon as the download starts.  BitCoin has shot into prominence because the users can quickly conduct independent transactions with the help of crypto keys that are secured and do not allow overspending.

After clicking on the required operating system, the system prompts users to the download setup file from the Internet. The total size of the binary file is about 10.9 MB, and it can be downloaded quickly depending on the speed of the internet connection.

Once the download Bitcoin buttonis clicked, the software is copied onto the local system. It is essential to start the installation procedure by invoking the setup folder. User should also state the path where the application is to be installed so that it could instruct the program to copy all the folders to the output space. Bit coin software is considered to be a novel payment network and can also integrate with previous payment modes. It can be deployed on mobile to conduct payment transactions involving two stages of scan and payment. The payments can be redeemed by showing QR code in the bitcoin wallet and getting the mobile scanned with the NFC technology.

Bit coin is a secure way of conducting financial transactions because it uses the technology of cryptography to protect the data from the hackers. If the wallet is protected in a proper manner, unauthenticated user will not be able to make payments of the bit coins from your account. By installing the software, users can transfer payments from one country to another without the need of a bank to charge transaction fees. In a nutshell the application is a virtual replacement of the online payment gateway.

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