Bitcoin Wisdom supplies real time data across multiple exchanges for bitcoin, litecoin, and many other alternative currencies including dogecoin, darkcoin, namecoin, GHS and more. It provides a unique interface, separate from many other sites that offer data on cryptocurrency trading. 

They provide information for 5 currencies including the U.S. Dollar, Chinese Yen, Russian Rubles, Euro, and Canadian Dollar.

Instead of having to log into many websites in order to pull up multiple exchanges to check prices on your investments, the traders have a nice GUI that showcases the most popular ones… Including:

  • Bitfinex
  • Bitstamp
  • BTC-e
  • Coinbase
  • BTC China
  • Kraken
  • QuadrigaCX
  • Cavirtex
  • Poloniex

The Benefits of Bitcoin Wisdom

With bitcoin wisdom, users are able to access multiple currencies and multiple prices across various exchanges. With the price of digital currency changing every minute, it provides users an entry point into the world of crypto-trading by supplying a much needed resource to check, trade, sell, buy, and update your financial portfolio in relation to e-currency. 

For example the price in Russian Rubles in relation to bitcoin may down for the day, however the price in BTC in relation to the USD may be up for the day, your portfolio may need to be updated accordingly, but instead of bringing up multiple websites in order to check these prices across the multiple exchanges, bitcoin wisdom supplies it within an all-in-one interface to make it easier for traders/investors. 

Why BTC is not bad

With all the naysayers who say BTC will not last have not gone into depth into how beneficial this new currency really is. It provides people with a resource to buy and sell in real time 24 hours a day, unlike the stock market that comes with a closing bell. Yes the price fluctuates all the time, but when it is traded properly it can provide huge profits depending on how much money was invested with minimal fees, if any at all. 

Trading will become increasingly important when the cap is placed on bitcoin. Once the cap is placed the game of mining will cease and no other bitcoins will be created. 21 million to be exact.

A cap is good because it can’t be counterfeited because it is digital. Inflation will almost be non-existent, interest rates, credit, all of that will be better. You can even make an argument as to why traditional banks will not have to be in existence any more. The game of bad loans, unnecessary printing of funds, central banking, and the ultimate control that banks have over peoples lives could all go away and provide a solution that gives access to capital to more and more people all over the world, without the controlling nature that hinders economic development.

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