A bitcoin graph is used to measure the historical price of bitcoin. They look similar to stock market charts from the Wall Street Journal or Yahoo Finance. Graphs are used heavily for cryptocurrency trading which take place every minute of the day. Many traders use  data from these graphs to pick out the right spots for buying and selling bitcoins within a particular exchange.

With these charts, traders are able to make a lot of money because they study the trends, bitcoin market value, day-to-day volatility, month-to-month and yearly prices in order to gain access to information that foresees a rise and fall of the BTC price in the near future.

Similar stock marketing principles are applied when looking at a bitcoin graph. Traders use Fibonacci levels, Bollinger Band Behavior, Elliot Wave Principle, and other analytic’s the same way they would for the stock market. 

Many Forex traders are hopping over to bitcoin trading because of how volatile it is. The currency is still within the early stages. Because of this, it makes for a great long-term investment since mining will continue until the year 2040. 

But they make for good short term investments as well…

Graphs can be used to measure volume, trades, and volatility in real-time throughout the day. Since bitcoin can be traded 24/7, these graphs are vital for the support of these trades. 

Studying a Bitcoin Graph Will Earn Investors a Great Deal of Cash With Just a Small Investment. 

This is done by measuring the volatility and historical data of the cryptocurrency. Because the price can rise and fall so dramatically, and so quickly, it makes for a juicy short-term investment with incredible gains. If the price of bitcoin is $300 today, at the end of the month the price can be $600 or even $900. With the ability of investors to trade large amounts, you can see why being able to triple your money in one month has investors, traders, and even just regular folks, salivating over the lucrative potential this digital currency is embarking upon. 

With talk of bitcoin, when up against the dollar, reaching prices upwards of $1000-$10,000 in the future, this makes studying graphs a vital piece of information if you’re going to consider investing in BTC.

A bitcoin graph can also be used to measure how many were mined in a particular day, month, or year. Very useful information if your interested in joining a mining pool because you get to measure how often you get paid and when the payments take place. A very active pool of minors will will let you know that not only is the site legitimate but it’s a force to be reckoned with in regards to on-time continual payments.

Another graph that bitcoin enthusiasts run into sooner or later is the bitcoin price index (BPI). This index measures the price across multiple exchanges that span all over the globe. These exchanges have to meet a strict criteria in order to be included within the index. Bitstamp, Bitfinex, BTC-e, LakeBTC, are the exchanges averaged together to bring forth the price index today. 

A bitcoin graph can be used to measure a whole host of other interesting facts, data, trends, and historical references within the graphical structure, providing vital data that sets the trends for the future to come within the digital currency world. 

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