Bitcoin Exchange Recommendations For Accumulating Bitcoins Properly

A bitcoin exchange allows you to exchange bitcoin into your nations currency and vice versa. Once fully registered with an exchange, you will obtain a bitcoin wallet ID in order to make purchases and receive transactions. A great exchange will be highly secure, especially after the mtGox debacle (the Tokyo-based exchange that went out of business after losing 850,000 bitcoins or at the time $473 million).

My 2 Best Bitcoin Exchange Recommendations 

I recommend two exchanges that are secure and reliable; Coinbase and These two exchanges are accessible via the Internet either on your computer or mobile device that accepts apps.

Becoming a member of a bitcoin exchange is important because it acts like as an entry point into digital currency. If you or your business want to start receiving cryptocurrency, then your going to most likely need to go through an online exchange. I say most likely because there is a way to start sending and receiving bitcoin without going through an online exchange. You do this by mining your own bitcoins after downloading the bitcoin core. The core will take some time to set up because it will go through a sync process and download all of the transactions that ever existed within the block chain in order for it to be fully functional. So you have to make sure your computer has a lot of bandwith in order to sustain all of those transactions. Once that process fully completes you can start receiving and sending bitcoin without having to go through an online exchange.

This was more of the old way when bitcoin was first starting out because now more and more exchanges are popping up with higher security standards. Coinbase is the United States’s leading digital currency exchange based out of San Francisco and is highly regarded around the bitcoin world as one of the premier exchanges. 

Coinbase uses things like two-step authentication as a mandatory method for accessing accounts in order to keep the account secure. They keep the money offshore and away from the Internet to be free from hackers and other malicious behavior that can sneak through if not monitored appropriately. By being away from the Internet, and in offshore locations away from prying eyes, they are able to set up roadblocks for malicious attempts at penetrating the network for financial gain. is where you can see all of the transactions that has ever taken place since bitcoin existed. They were the first client-side JavaScript-based wallet, fully open-sourced, on the Internet. They accept bitcoin clients all over the world and they do not have access to any of your personal information so it is totally private. 

Getting started with a bitcoin exchange is very easy. It is just a matter of signing up within the site with your name, email address, etc. Once you are all set up, your able to utilize either credit cards, bank accounts, or other bitcoin addresses in order to start funding your account.

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